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WonderGame Metaverse

WonderGame Metaverse


WonderGame is a 3D Virtual Reality Metaverse where players can own land… build kingdoms, trade collectables, shop, host hangouts with friends in their penthouse, game, and more. Players can even open their own Metaverse Business and make an income within the meta economy!

👌 WonderGame is built decentralized through blockchain technology, Crypto, and NFT’s. There are 5 distinct cities in the land, which the community can genuinely own, control, and profit from. 🚀 The price of WonderGame assets is on a steady rise as they have partnerships and on-ramps in over 135 countries globally, connecting Enterprise whales and their accompanying communities to the open Metaverse in bulk.

😊 Players can open Metaverse stores, showrooms, galleries, hangouts, gaming rooms, and retail outlets. This includes selling NFT products, physically-backed NFTs, and using crypto as payment. Owning a WonderGame Character NFT grants Meta-Citizenship, Yield Payouts, Land Ownership, Treasury Rights, and those who MINT on Whitelist and HODL are given a free Metaverse Penthouse.

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