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Mewn Inu

Mewn Inu


The Family of Mewn lived through several millenniums, surviving wars both north and south. Losing most of the family name in the bloodbaths, one lone survivor Mewn Inu was born!

Born on 1st of the 11th 2021 ( 111 ), Mewn Inu has the main goal of growing and expanding its family and saving the family name.

A few common rivals are the families of dogs, the Empire of Doge and Shiba are great threats to the Mewn Kingdom, but our community and people are ready to fight back and give it what it takes for the kingdom to grow and conquer its rivals!

To join the MEWN MISSION all you have to do is buy some Mewn Inu on ERC20 and become part of the family. 

From then on it’s simple, as soldiers of the community your job is to shill on all socials and expand and grow this beautiful Kingdom of Mewn!

Long live Mewn!







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Tier 1: Strong law enforcement with resources and capabilities to effectively legislate & pursue crypto-related cybercrime
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Tier 3: Law enforcement & legislative resources severely lacking. In most cases would prove ineffective at pursuing crypto-related cybercrime

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