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MetaLords is a blockchain development company focused on developing, launching and investing in high end projects in crypto space. MetaLords has gained the trust of its community by being transparent honest and have showed to be a legit and hardworking team which their community can vouch for.

“Our mission has been the same since our inception, to conquer the Metaverse and develop game changing crypto projects. We believe that our core values of honesty and transparency has helped us earn the trust of our community. Our vision of becoming a big player in blockchain technology drives us to create game changing projects and we will not stop until we achieve our goals. We truly believe that our community is the most important asset, and therefore every decision we make has our community at the forefront. We are here to stay; we are here to conquer and together we will. Unite et vincite!” – MetaLords Team






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* Assure DeFi Country Tier Rankings will be as follows:

Tier 1: Strong law enforcement with resources and capabilities to effectively legislate & pursue crypto-related cybercrime
Tier 2: Moderately effective law enforcement, lacking some resources & capabilities to effectively pursue crypto-related cybercrime
Tier 3: Law enforcement & legislative resources severely lacking. In most cases would prove ineffective at pursuing crypto-related cybercrime

Read more about our County Tier Rankings.