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LotSwap aims to be the first decentralized Lot swap, Lot bridge, and Lot farm which allows users to transact at a fraction of the cost, and with significantly improved efficiencies relative to currently available options.

The service intends to eliminate all unnecessary complexity from the transaction, thereby proving a quick, easy experience for transactions of various levels of sophistication. Simplicity of Transactions The initial service provided is very simple. The user connects their wallet to the LotSwap dApp, selects which Layer 1 smart contract they possess, and selects what coin or token they wish to possess. In the near future, one will be able to Lot bridge coin to coin, bridge coin to swap, LotSwap on the same network, or, if liquidity providing is desired, one will be able to enter a liquidity contract as a pool, all in the same transaction. This will all be possible with one click. Lotting The mechanics for how these services are possible are as follows.

LotSwap slows a user’s submitted transaction slightly, allowing other users to join in the transaction alongside each other, all of which have the same designated terms for the transaction. This will Lot multiple individual orders into one larger order, thus drastically lowering the fees for the transaction.



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